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New Orleans French Quarter Balcony


Belize Forum - expat-centric forum for Belize with hotel, destination and in-country travel advice.

Bonaire Talk - a very active, thorough forum for Bonaire.

BostonZest – Boston for adults.

Loco Gringo – Yucatan hotels, rentals and destination guide including aerial photography of every town.

Santafean - Santa Fe food, accommodations, sights and events

New Orleans – food and more

Sawadee - guide to Thailand

St. Barth Online – villas, hotels, sights, restaurants and more for the most chic island in the Caribbean.

Smart Travel Asia – guide to Asia

Yucatan Today – another great site for the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.


Chowhound - find the best places to eat, anywhere in the world. Some locales more thorough than others.

Good Food Mexico City - a thorough site for one of the most exciting culinary destinations in the world.

Rick Bayless - Chicago restauranteur specializing in Mexican food. His site is full of recipes, Mexico-specific travel info and worldwide restaurants.

New York City

Hopstop – plan best mass transit routes, find service advisories, estimate cab costs for NYC and other major cities.

New York Magazine online

Serious Eats – one of NYC’s best food sites.

NYC & Co – official tourism site for NYC with a list of recommended tour guides.

Urban Oyster Tours – food, beer, brewery, winery, distillery tours and more.


David Lebovitz - a very humorous site from the famous Parisian food blogger and pastry chef, with recipes.

Hungry for Paris – Alec Lobrano’s site for Paris restaurants

I’m not a Francophile, but… - says it all

Paris-Marais – a guide to my favorite part of Paris

Patricia Wells - restaurants, cooking classes in Paris+ from the author of “The Food Lover’s Guide to France.”

Solo Travel

Solitary Wanderer - Tales and tips of a solo traveler in the Philippines and beyond

Specialty Travel

Jim Cline Photo Tours – well organized, small group photo tours to some of the most photogenic destinations in the world.

Mexican Home Cooking School – had this gringa turning out amazing mole’, tamales and salsas in under 6 days.

Travel Photography

Adorama – cameras, electronics, and more. Where the pros shop in NYC. Lowest prices due to high volume.

Jim Cline Photo Tours

Alvin Chan’s Aurora Borealis Photos (2014) from Iqaluit, Nunavut – and a lot more excellent travel photography from all over the world.

Travel Products



Travel Services

Oanda – my go-to currency site. Always know what you’re spending with their currency cheat sheet or mobile app.

World Nomads – travel insurance

Trip Research & Planning

Bohemian Trails – online travel magazine focusing on off-the-beaten-track locations, underground art, music and fashion.

BootsNall - backpacker-centric. Great gear guides and info on destinations backpackers favor.

GetHotelRates – checks all the hotel sites to give you the best hotel rates for US, Canada, Europe, Asia and beyond.

Lonely Planet - a very thorough site for do it yourself travelers. Active, but snarky forum.

Rough Guides

Tripadvisor – best site to search for hotels

Tripadvisor forums – great way to communicate with destination experts and travelers, sorted by location. Level of activity varies by forum.

100 Trains - Top 100 Railway Journeys in the world, with pictures.

Cayola Cruises - cruise shopping simplified – charts best times to buy cruises.

Travel Tools

My British friend Mark’s clear instructions for Using your Iphone in the US

For Dentists Only

Saint Barth Dental – Dental meetings in Paradise!