Visit La Paz and Baja Sur Before the Crowds

When most people think of Baja, they think of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and the busy tourist corridor between them. But there’s a more peaceful, undiscovered side to Baja, a little further north. The towns of La Paz, Loreto, Todos Santos offer travelers outdoor adventures, art galleries, and one of Mexico’s best gastronomy scenes. If you’re looking for a more undiscovered, uncrowded place think Baja Sur.

Whale watching, swimming with whale sharks, diving, snorkeling, golf, hiking are just a few of the activities you can find in the area. Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez the Aquarium of the World. People interested in history can visit the route of the missions, which were founded in the time of Cortez. You can also do a 3 day mule trek to see ancient cave paintings.

Every year people take whale shark day tours from Belize or the Yucatan, but there is no guarantee you will see them, and it’s a long nauseating boat ride to get to where they hang. From October to the end of April they live in the waters off La Paz. A quick, calm 15 minute boat ride will bring you to their waters, where you can swim, snorkel or dive with whale sharks for 1-2 hours. 

Accommodations run from boutique hotels to beachfront condominium complexes. There’s even a luxury glamping experience on undeveloped Espiritu Santo island for the right kind of traveler. Espiritu Santo has blue footed boobies; a destination a lot more accessible than the Galapagos.

Get ready – this area is about to explode. Luxury resorts like Fairmont, Chable, and the all inclusive Dreams are coming. 

It’s hot in the summer, so the best time to visit is October to March or early April. This is also whale watching and whale shark season.

Let’s plan an idyllic vacation to Baja Sur before it’s discovered.
You Say You Want Undiscovered, Uncrowded Places?

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