Better Ever After NYC Bridal registryAlternative Bridal Registry for Couples Living in or Visiting New York City & Toronto

Do you want a bridal registry that reflects your real desires and interests instead of traditional stuff? Are you searching for the perfect engagement/wedding present for New York or Toronto based couples? Would you like to make a friend’s wedding trip to NYC awesome?

Better Ever After‘s unique bridal registry enables you to give engaged couples, newlyweds or those getting married or honeymooning in NYC an alternative to stuff. You can gift tours, experiences or consultations that make a couple’s first year of marriage more fun and exciting.

Currently available in New York and Toronto, Better Ever After is expanding to other cities in the next year. You can request your city by filling out the form here.

Olivia Chin, the founder, developed Better Ever After when she was planning her own wedding. She recognized that today’s couples already have or don’t need the objects traditionally found on bridal registries. She wanted to enhance the first year of marriage by coming up with ways for couples to share great experiences. Better Ever After is designed for couples who like to do, not just acquire.

“People have traditional and rigid notions of what a wedding gift is and isn’t” said Olivia when we spoke about her service. Her goal is to broaden that perspective and reach the couples who want something more alternative than a gravy boat.

Better Ever After unique Bridal registry

The current offerings in NYC would likely interest newly engaged, newlyweds or even couples with no intention of making it legal. Build your own wine collection, ballroom dancing, Escape for a Day, glassmaking, wine tasting, and ethnic cooking workshops are just a few of the choices that sound interesting to me. The variety offers something for all interests, and new options are being added regularly.

Toronto offerings are similar – culinary adventures, dance classes, wine, cheese, beer tasting and butchery. But, there are also many outdoors selections like sailing classes, Niagara winery bicycle tours and neighborhood food tours.

View a sample registry here.

Better Ever After also gets men more involved in the bridal registry and making the first year of marriage more fun and smooth. Men might not be interested in picking out china patterns, but would want to participate in planning outings that involve rock climbing,  skydiving, or craft beer tasting.

Couples pick out the experiences they would like their families or friends to purchase and list them on their registry. Then, they share their unique registry via email or on their wedding page.  There is no charge to register or buy through the service and experience prices are not marked up. Urban Oyster’s Fermented NY Beer Crawl is priced the same whether booked on their site or on Better Ever After.

NYC, Toronto – and Niagara Falls are popular wedding destinations for overseas visitors. Tours and other Better Ever After options make great gifts for those who will be staying in the city before or after the wedding – or visiting the falls.

Better Ever After can also be used to order gifts for couples – or individuals – who aren’t registered with the service.

Not being in the bridal demographic, the broader applications of Better Ever After’s gifting capability is immediately apparent to me. Why just bridal? Why not an ability to give the gift of tours to other travelers? I would love to set up a gift registry for life.

Although designed for the under-served bridal registry market, Olivia said she is happy to offer Better Ever After’s services to individuals giving the gift of travel to anyone.


Photos courtesy of Better Ever After.



Better Ever After – Giving the Gift of Travel

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