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Virgin Yoga with Taj

If working out is a regular part of your life, a $9.99 monthly subscription offers a wide variety of classes and instructors, enabling you to maintain your fitness program on the road. As long as you have high speed wifi, you have access to a long list of Crunch yoga, Pilates, aerobics and other popular courses.

Optimum CrunchLive conditions would be luxury or large chain hotels with sizable flat screen TVs and wireless keyboards offered as part of the in-room entertainment package. Because I rarely stay in these types of hotels except on business trips, I replicated my typical travel tech set up by demo’ing CrunchLive on my iPad.

With the iPad on a chair in front of my yoga mat, I was able to see and follow what was happening on the screen.

My travel workout style is miles of walking and I’ve found when traveling with friends with regular morning workout routines they often need afternoon naps. But, people travel for a variety of reasons and not every trip involves opportunities for walking. An hour with CrunchLive could be a perfect anecdote for a day behind the wheel or sitting in meetings. If you regularly practice yoga, Pilates or aerobics, CrunchLive probably provides enough options to keep your workout varied and tailored to your level.

The half hour Virgin Yoga class I tried was basic as billed and the instructor was engaging in the video format. Much focus was directed at watching our core. More emphasis on proper form to prevent injury while unsupervised would be a good idea.

Crunch is a colorful gym that started in NYC in the 80s and now has locations across America and Australia. The company is in expansion mode and bills itself as a fun, no judgements gym.

For people who regularly work out that want a convenient way to exercise when traveling, CrunchLive is a useful solution.


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CrunchLive – Workouts while Traveling Made Easy

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