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Journey to the End of the World for Adventure, Natural Wonders and a Fabulous Culinary Scene

Want to visit the end of the world?

Chile may seem that way but the flight is actually only 8-10 hours from most American cities.

The country is incredibly diverse, offers luxury to moderate accommodations in wonderful settings, and friendly people. The country is packed with natural wonders, UNESCO World Heritage cultural sights, sports and adventure opportunities, and wildlife. Because there is so little light pollution in many areas it is notable for astronomical tourism. Santiago and other cities are full of fantastic restaurants, some considered the best in South America. There’s also great nightlife.

After hearing National Geographic writer Joe Yogerst speak at a Chile Tourism event, I am very excited about the country. He has been to Chile numerous times and described it with passion.

I found myself thinking of who would most like this country? Hikers, wildlife enthusiasts, beer bloggers, plus food and wine lovers. Wonderful hotels are situated for spectacular views of mountains, deserts, cities – in all price ranges. Many have spas or other wellness components.

From the Atacama desert, to Patagonia, and colorful Chiloe Island, Chile is extremely unique and diverse. Avid hikers can do the famous W or O trek in Torres del Paine National Park, or there are less strenuous climbs for those who want to see spectacular scenery with less exertion. You can also tour by road or horseback to avoid hiking all together. There has never been hunting in this region and the animals are not afraid of humans. They will get close to you for major photography experiences.

The new frontier of Chile, the Chonos Archipelago is completely unspoiled and mostly national park. A new highway is being built to link the national parks together.

From Punta Arenas, you can take a flight for a day trip to Antarctica, or for a more adventurous trip overnight in a heated tent. To avoid the nauseating Drake Passage, you can fly to Antarctica, pick up a boat and cruise the continent.

If Easter Island is of greater interest, flying from Chile is the best way to visit this isolated island with the huge heads and Rapa Nui people.

At the Chile Tourism event, I met Chile specialist tour operators based in the US and Chile; hotel general managers; management of the airlines that fly to Chile, throughout the country, and to Antarctica. And a small ship cruise line that only does this area, including the famous Cape Horn.

Chile is not a place you want to DIY.

Please contact me to create the ultimate trip to the end of the world for you.
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