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 The Travel Accessory You Didn’t Realize You Needed…

Once you hear Keely Watson’s story about the incident that inspired the invention of the HeadDEFENDER, you will want one too.

Keely, the founder of HeadDEFENDER, was traveling frequently back and forth to the East Coast for business. On one flight, as someone was trying to pass him in the aisle, he touched the top of a headrest. As he describes it, it was “wet. Sticky. Nasty.”

This gave him a new consciousness about headrests and what could be on them. He put his hand on it but it could as easily have been his head. I immediately visualized wet, sticky, nasty mystery goo in my long, curly hair.

This experience prompted research. According to Keely, he discovered that the FAA has not set standards for cleaning. There is no mandate that a plane be cleaned daily or weekly. Airlines do have standards and the plane usually gets a good cleaning at the end of the day, but between flights it is minimal. When I called the FAA to verify this, they passed me along to the Department of Transportation, who did not respond to my inquiry.

Travel health device

Dandruff, sweat, bacteria. E coli and MRSA can live up to 7 days. According to the product packaging, “the non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and environmentally safe anti-microbial barrier on every HeadDEFENDER destroys 99.9% of the disease causing microbes (including MRSA and Staphylococcus) that make contact with it.”

My immediate question when I saw the product was whether it would block the AVOD screen on seat behind? Keely assured me that the HeadDEFENDER rolls up, so it does not block the screen. It was designed to fit around the tray table. There have been no reports of air rage incidents due to the HeadDEFENDER blocking the screen or impeding tray table movement.

Speaking of video, the HeadDEFENDER is a great product for movie theaters too. Movie theater seats tend to be fabric, not vinyl and all sorts of bacteria gets trapped.

Keely has received positive feedback from airline employees about the product. Delta flight attendants love it and airline pilots who have seen it love it too. The plan is eventually to brand them – not a cheap give-away version, but a premium product airlines can sell onboard.

Folds into itself and zips

The HeadDEFENDER is easy to carry. It folds and zippers into a rectangle. Made from anti-microbial fabric, the color will remain bright for at least 30 washings. It comes in two sizes: standard and deluxe. The standard size fits most adults. The deluxe gives 4″ more seat coverage and is ideal for travelers with longer hair; children or those shorter in height; or people who want more protection.

According to Keely, “we’ve become more aware of how unsanitary thing are – and new products are emerging. Look at hand sanitizer.”

Keely has great suggestions for staying safe while traveling:

  1. Hydrate before traveling. Not just water; drink electrolytes and hydrate sinuses too. Membranes dry out. If you touch a seat, then wipe your nose, you make yourself more susceptible to illness.
  2. Pay attention to hotspots – tray tables, arm rests, head rests and avoid touching them, then mucus glands like your eyes and nose.
  3. Wipe down seats, tray tables, arm rests and area around your seat with sanitary wipes.

HeadDEFENDER comes in five colors: black, red, navy, royal blue, and cardinal red (maroon). It retails for $29.99 and $34.99 for the deluxe model. You can buy HeadDEFENDER on Amazon.

This is the first product from a company who plans to release more innovative travel products that have added anti-microbial properties.


All photos courtesy of HeadDEFENDER.

HeadDefender: Seat Back Protection Promotes Travel Health

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