Book the Carol Bove Art Tour for an Inside Look Before Redevelopment and Public Opening in 2014
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Carol Bove’s Celeste on the Undeveloped end of NYC’s High Line

I was never hip enough to sneak up to the High Line before it was developed, even though from living in the neighborhood I knew other people were doing it. However, I got to experience it, albeit with a Ranger and 9 other people. You can too.

Last week, I had the unique opportunity to visit the last stretch of the High Line before it is developed, as part of the Carol Bove art walk tour. Reserving this small group tour enables anyone to visit this end of the High Line before it’s finished, and view some powerful sculptures tailored to this very industrial environment.

#NYC #HIghline #CarolBove
Carol Bove’s 14, 2013

It wasn’t easy – I had to enter about 10 dates before I could find available tickets. But, this exhibit is going on until May 2014 – the more winter-y your dates are, the more likely you will be able to get tickets. As of now, you can book visits through September 28, here.

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Heed the warning to wear closed shoes. The terrain is rough and scratchy branches are everywhere, and I was filthy by the time it was over. Step carefully – there was still some evidence of the cows who used to be transported on the High Line from the rail yards to the Meatpacking District. If you’re interested in photography – plan accordingly. Tours are available in the afternoon/evening, the sun beating down overhead wasn’t optimum and it was necessary to move around in the brush and over tracks to get good angles. A later arrival would have been better (and cooler) in July.

HighLine under construction
The End of the Line, before Joined with already open Phase 2

The Ranger lead us through the sculptures, reading a description of each one, to the end of the line where the completed section meets the undeveloped zone. Then, he basically let us loose. I took my time returning so I could get people-free shots.

#HighLine #NYCNow is your chance to take advantage of a rare opportunity to check out this last phase of the High Line before it gets developed, and before the crowds.


This article was originally posted on July 11, 2013.

High Line Park, NYC – The Undeveloped End