Northern Thailand Hilltribe woman
A Long Neck Karen woman, Northern Thailand

Trip Protection and Cancellation Insurance

Travel protection is highly recommended for all travelers.

Travel protection covers you for more than trip cancellation. Most likely your medical insurance will not cover you out of state, and definitely not internationally.

Read the policies carefully. If your concern is cancellations due to weather, or an illness in the family, make sure the policy you chose covers you for those incidents.

Travel insurance rates are based on a percentage of the cost of your trip, your age, and your destination. Usually, you need to buy the insurance within 14 days of paying or depositing for your 1st trip component. This is especially important if you have pre-existing medical conditions that could prevent travel. The insurance I offer includes children of a certain age, when the parents purchase a policy.

Med-Evac Insurance

If you travel frequently to developing nations or even ritzy destinations like St. Barth with small hospitals – and are at the age or have conditions that concern you, investigate Med-Evac policies.

Camera/Computer gear

Many insurance companies offer theft riders to cover most equipment. It’s always worth checking with your insurance agent to discover what is already covered by your homeowners or renter’s policy.


Don’t assume your home automotive insurance policy will cover you overseas. Do some advance research to find out if you’re covered and if not, what additional coverage you need to buy from the rental company. The CDW that comes with most gold credit cards doesn’t cover you for liability, so people who don’t have automotive insurance should be sure to investigate options to be sure they’re completely covered.

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