Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

In EMS or larger daypack:

passport and/or driver’s license

all flight, hotel, restaurant, day tours and entertainment confirmations

Moleskine notebook with destination notes

guide book or photocopies of guide book pages

laptop/charger/card reader and external hard drive/charger

Crumpler 5 million dollar home with my Canon Rebel SLR and 2 lenses, filters, memory cards, charger

Canon G11 back up camera – or Canon D10 underwater camera in case w/charger

Cell phone/charger

Kindle or books

ziplock bags of liquids needed for flight (hand cream, Ayr Nasal Spray, chap stick)

pills in original containers


1-2 granola bars


no wallet – Cash/minimal credit cards in inner pocket of bag, or in a money belt, worn under clothing

phrasebook if necessary

insect repellent towelettes (if necessary for open air airports in tropical settings)

extra pair of underwear

bathing suit and sarong


Water Resistant phone case:

Or waterproof key case:

In 25” Eagle Creek Tarmac:

small handbag

waterproof pouch for valuables while snorkeling/swimming

3 bottoms in addition to one worn on plane

5 nice tshirts

3 dressier tshirts

1 sundress

2 bathing suits

1-2 coverups

1 sarong


1-2 pair matching flip flops

1 pair nice sandals

cosmetics (liquids still in 2-3oz Nalgene bottles)

Woolite packets

face and body suntan lotion

insect repellent



socks if any hiking involved


folding bag for purchases

Eagle Creek cube with first aid kit, extra TSA lockalarm clock, Tylenol, Tylenol PM, blister protection, travel laundry line and other assorted necessary items

zip lock bags and plastic shopping bags for bringing home liquids and wet items.

snorkel, mask and fins (optional) or your favorite sporting equipment

1mm wet suit (optional)

outlet adapters for international destinations

On plane – heaviest walking shoes (if necessary for hiking, or Keen amphibious sandals with heavy dark socks), loosest jeans, nice t-shirt, zip neck thermal long sleeved shirt and fleece. When leaving NYC in winter for tropical climates, I wear 3 layers instead of a coat, and bring a SpaceBag to condense them for packing. Especially for a multi-destination trip.

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