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The Go Tube
The maker of the popular Go Toobs Expands their Product Selection with Go Totes, Go Bites and Go Tubbs

On a recent trip to Philadelphia for the Travel Adventure Show I had a chance to road test humangear’s Go Toobs, and a selection of their new products. These products are not only beautifully designed, down to the easy to access packaging, but they are functional too.

Set of travel bottles from HumanGearI’m a big fan of the 2 oz Nalgene travel containers, but unless a product pours freely, toward the end of a trip I always find myself sticking implements into the bottles to reach the contents stuck in the bottom and edges. The Go Toobs enable one to squeeze out all the contents, which is particularly important on longer trips, or when you’re juggling multiple items in a shelf-less shower stall.

The Go Toobs, which have been copied by a variety of brands since they were released, function beautifully, and even have a rotating piece on the cap to indicate what liquid is stored within. There was a little leakage with the smaller tube between the tube and the cap, but it is possible I squeezed it too hard when I first used it. The tubes come in three sizes.

Go Tubbs store your tiny gadgetsHumangear also makes a selection of tubs for storing small items called Go Tubbs. The packaging suggests using them for spices, vitamins and other pills, jewelry, coins and more. Another beautifully designed item, the patented Go Tubb lid can be removed with one hand by squeezing its sides. It can be snapped back into place just as easily. The labeling area resists being rubbed off and the item is FDA approved, BPA-free, food safe.

Go Tubbs come in two different sizes – large (86 cc) and small (14 cc) – and a variety of colors. Unlike most products like this that come encased in plastic, the Go Tubbs can be easily popped out of the packaging. No need for a frustrating experience with scissors and knives.

HumanGear’s GoTote features an internal frame that keeps the bag upright, making it easy to pack and unpack. Interior pockets organize gear – and the light interior color of the tote facilitates locating objects. Available in three sizes, these totes are great for a variety of purposes – and a great gift for the traveler in your life. There’s even a strap for hanging or securing inside larger bags. Gobites Trio - Plastic knife, fork and spoon for travel

HumanGear also has a selection of eating utensils perfect for travelers and picnics. The Gobites Duo features a plastic spoon and fork combo that slides together, and Gobrites Trio, a cool hard-plastic picnic set with a pretty sturdy knife. I was easily able to cut the excellent fried chicken from Federal Donuts with the knife and fork. There is even a metal bottle opener embedded in the knife – but the knife edge is plastic.

If you’re looking to outfit your next trip, or upgrade your current travel gear, you can’t go wrong with the products offered by Humangear.

All Photos and Products provided by Humangear. Opinions are my own.

Travel Gadget Review: Humangear Products – Beautifully Designed and Functional

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