view of lower Manhattan from Brooklyn
Downtown NYC Skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park

Every trip is an adventure for me – even a business trip. One can only be in meetings so many hours a day, and there are great opportunities for exploring in down time.

Since I rarely have time to visit a museum or a major sight, most of my research revolves around dining and shopping. If your schedule allows more time,, The New York Time’s travel online section provides comprehensive information about what to see at most business trip destinations.

A major component of my job is entertaining and I’m known for my restaurant selections. When I’m entertaining clients, I want the best, most memorable restaurant my budget will allow. As travel budgets are slashed, one must be more creative in sourcing spots. is my primary source for finding the best places to eat for most destinations in the world. The discussions cover a full range of restaurants, from the top expense account type places to the best neighborhood taco truck.

The Tripadvisor forums are also good for finding information quickly and easily. Search the forum before posting – restaurants are discussed daily. The restaurant reviews on Tripadvisor aren’t as useful as the forum discussions.

When not entertaining clients, my corporate suggested per diem makes it necessary to seek out moderate restaurants and take-out places. Rather than eat McDonalds or croissants that come from cellophane bags, I find ethnic restaurants or regional specialties on sites like Chowhound.


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