Niagara Falls, Canada
Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls – a popular package destination

Evaluate packages very carefully. Yes, it’s worth pricing at packages on Expedia, or Travelocity before booking individually – but check everything carefully. To get you the cheap advertised prices, you’re usually booked on the least desirable flights and the most un-central hotel.

If you really want a particular hotel and its not packaged you probably would want to book separately. If you don’t care as much where you stay, packages are fine for major city or resort destinations – but keep in mind you’ll be more likely to be in larger hotels and often less central hotels.

A travel agent who knows the destination well can book you with the tour operators who specialize in the area. These days, there are specialists for every destination and every interest. Whether you want a culinary vacation, a yoga retreat, to volunteer abroad, do a religious pilgrimage, or explore your family heritage – a good agent (like me) knows which specialists and resources to use to develop the best vacation for you.

If after reading the information on this site there is no way you want to deal with your own trip, contact me to plan and book an amazing trip for you.


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