Monet NY Botanical Garden exhibit flower

In Buddhism the lotus flower symbolizes rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment. Coincidentally, I chose this beautiful image to symbolize the redesign of – out of the murk, literally. I only discovered the Buddhist connection when fact-checking myself: is this a water lily or a lotus, and are they the same thing? Lotus, and no.

After the “you do not have permission to access this site” stumped everyone at my hosting company for over a week, had to be rebuilt. As soon as NY Travel Fest was over, I put my life on hold for a week and rebuild every page and post of this site, photo by photo, link by link. I’m sure my clients and prospects were thrilled to get a week’s reprieve from my industrious attempts to get them to discuss advertising programs.

Luckily, much of the content here is evergreen – and I’ve updated the links whenever possible. For example, where the Canon G11 was mentioned in a packing list, we now show the links to the new model, the G16.

A few posts are outdated, specifically entries related to temporary art exhibits in New York City. And, recently two beloved NYC discount shopping institutions mentioned in the discounted shopping post bit the dust, but many of the other sources still exist.

Please enjoy this cleaner, redesigned look. I anxiously await your comments and feedback!




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